Salesforce Blackberry Simulator

  1. Instructions for Software Download
    Download the Java Development Kit (SDK)
    JDK download

    Download and install the appropriate BlackBerry simulator
    BlackBerry Smartphone Simulators

    Download and install the BlackBerry Email and MDS Service Simulator Package
    MDS Simulator
    Note: you have to register for this

  2. Proxy Settings (only needed if you are working in a proxy environment)

    After your installation locate the file named as “” and add the below lines under the HTTP Handler section.

    application.handler.http.proxyEnabled = true
    application.handler.http.proxyHost =
    application.handler.http.proxyPort = proxyport
    application.handler.http.proxyUser = username
    application.handler.http.proxyPass = password

    Note: file can be located at C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Email and MDS Services Simulators 4.1.4\MDS\config directory.

  3. Editing the pin in the blackberry .bat file

    Locate the file named as 8900-ATT.bat (if you install 8900-ATT), scroll to the right and change the pin from 0x2100000A to 0x2500000A (any other value)
    Note: Pin value should not be repetitive.

  4. Install the Salesforce App

    To launch the MDS Simulator, click on Start –> All Programs –> Research in Motion –> BlackBerry Email and MDS Service Simulators –> MDS
    This will start a dos window that will run in the background.

    To launch the BlackBerry Simulator (using the example above), click on Start –> All Programs –> Research in Motion –> BlackBerry Smartphone Simulators 4.6.1 –> –> 8900-ATT

    Open the BlackBerry Browser and type -> Highlight the download link and select “Get Link” from the menu -> Go to the downloads folder -> Click on the Salesforce icon and select “I accept” to continue with the installation

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