Workbench on Cloud

Good news folks, now the workbench (beta) is available as a cloud service instead of installation headaches what an individual developer is having (especially who doesn’t know how PHP works)

Here is the url for your test

If you would like to integrate this workbench into your instance then here are the steps.

  1. Login to Salesforce
  2. Setup | Create | Tabs | Web Tabs | New
  3. Choose Tab Layout – Full page width is recommended
  4. Define Content and Display Properties
  5. * Tab Type: URL
    * Tab Label: Workbench
    * Tab Tab Style: Choose a style
    * Content Frame Height (pixels): Choose the maximum amount available for your screen (you may have to edit this value to find the correct value for your screen)

  6. Button or Link URL – replace “http://” with the url as “https:///workbench/login.php?serverUrl={!API_Partner_Server_URL_150}&sid={!API_Session_ID}”
  7. Save

Enjoy with your new workbench interactions 🙂

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4 Responses to Workbench on Cloud

  1. Fraser Suyetsugu says:

    Are you still able to log into Workbench using a web tab? I built one but when clicking on the tab I get the message from Workbench: “This login method is not supported”.

    Also, I used{!API.Partner_Server_URL_150}&sid={!API.Session_ID} as my url parameters. The one referenced in your post seem to have some typos.

  2. Srini says:

    Fraser, I believe it should be working but unfortunately its not working for me also.

    Here is the link which can give you more details about this

  3. Srini, the web tab integration is not supported for the instance, as explained in the FAQs you linked to above. The reason is that it conflicts with the OAuth, CSRF, and term agreement requirements; however, if you host your own Workbench instance, it is possible. As a workaround, you can just leave off the query parameters (i.e. just set the web tab to and oauth should detect your session after you agree to the terms. There will be an extra click, but at least you get it in the web tab. Of course, you can always just use it full screen in its own browser tab instead.


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