Quick updates from Dreamforce 2011

Hello Folks

Here are the quick updates from dreamforce

  • Database.com – This is now GA and customers are started making use of database.com
  • Database.com – Data Residency Option(DRO) – In this you can keep data in your store rather than force.com
  • Chatter Now – New features in chatter which includes online chat, live meeting, videos, Approvals and many more
  • Contact– Contact record is automatically linked with facebook, twitter, linkedin
  • Data.com – Which is a new domain acquired by salesforce.com to work as Jigsaw
  • Salesforce touch – To give a common touch feeling across the applications which includes online, mobile, tablet, etc.
  • Chatter Service – Chatter with Service cloud
  • Radian 6 – Radian 6 is all set to work with salesforce, where in you can find the desired tags and their analysis/dashboards from social networks
  • Java on Heroku – Java programs now can run on Heroku
  • Java on VMForce – Java programs now can run on VMForce, which is a combination of VMWare and Salesforce
  • Now salesforce is not just a Salesforce it is a combination of
  • Salesforce

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    2 Responses to Quick updates from Dreamforce 2011

    1. Amanda, Radian6 Community Manager says:

      Thanks for the recap and for including Radian6. Hope you enjoyed the keynote. We’re at the Expo if you’d like to come say hello! – Amanda, Radian6 Community Manager

    2. Srini says:

      I wish I could have joined you Amanda, but unfortunately I am watching salesforce live 🙂

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