Salesforce Spring’12 release notes

Hurray …Spring’12 is here and some of the awesome features are

  • Online chat with salesforce users
  • Social Accounts and Contacts
  • Ability to write triggers on ContentDocument Object
  • Ability to share the service cloud urls
  • Getting rid of self-service portal for the new instances (you can make use of customer portal)
  • New analytic edition for exceptional reporting, bucketing and cross filters
  • Chatter for Android tablets – GA
  • Salesforce mobile SDK – GA
  • Cloud flow designer – GA
  • Ability to control the trigger invocation on a workflow field update
  • System log has been renamed as Developer Console and getting rid of old system log (ensuring developer to use the latest console)
  • Visualforce auto-completion in developer console
  • Newly introduced system overview page
  • By default test methods don’t have access to pre-existing data in the organization
  • New Visualforce component for chatter feed
  • And many more……

For complete details follow these links and don’t forget to register the webinar.

Spring’12 pre-release notes

Spring’12 pre-release signup

Spring’12 Webinar Registration



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