Salesforce clone utility class

Do you ever wonder to clone an object, if yes then I have an utility which works for every object. 

Public class MyCloneClass{
    //Pass the parameters as 1. Parent Object API Name, 2. Source record id, 3. API Name of the related field, 4. Child Object API Name
	Public static Sobject myCloneMethod(String objName, String recId, String parentFieldApiName, String childObjName){
        string qryStr = prepareQuery(objName, 'Id', recId);
        Sobject sobj = database.query(qryStr);
        Sobject clonedSObj = sobj.clone(false, true);
        insert clonedSObj;
        if(childObjName != null && parentFieldApiName != null){
            string childQry = prepareQuery(childObjName, parentFieldApiName, recId);
            List<Sobject> sobjList = database.query(childQry);
            List<Sobject> clonedSobjList = sobjList.deepClone(false);
            for(Sobject s : clonedSobjList)
                s.put(parentFieldApiName,;//Changing the parent id
            insert clonedSobjList;
        return clonedSObj;
    //This method is used to prepare the desired query string by passing the objectname and where clause condition
    private static String prepareQuery(String sobjName, String fieldName, String recId){
        Map<String, Schema.SObjectField> fieldsMap = Schema.getGlobalDescribe().get(sobjName.toLowerCase()).getDescribe().Fields.getMap();
        String fields = '';
        for(Schema.SObjectField sf : fieldsMap.values()) {
            Schema.DescribeFieldResult fr = sf.getDescribe();
                fields += fr.getName()+',';
            fields = fields.substring(0,fields.lastIndexOf(','));
        String qryString = 'Select ' +fields+' from '+sobjName+' where '+fieldName+' = \''+recId+'\'';
        return qryString;

Usage of this code:

//To clone a single account
MyCloneClass.myCloneMethod(Account, '001U0000003NoYY', null, null);
//To clone a account and their related contacts
MyCloneClass.myCloneMethod(Account, '001U0000003NoYY', 'AccountId', Contact);

You can call this class from a custom button/visualforce page/apex class. Happy coding…

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  1. Venkat Meka says:

    Superdb raaa :Venkat Meka

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