Salesforce Summer ’13 pre-release available

Here you go, yet another release from Salesforce (Summer ’13 is around the corner)Image

  • Quantity forecasting is available now with collaborative forecasting
  • Introducing Actions to create records from chatter feed
  • Introduced My Profile and My settings (brand new layout) without navigating to setup
  • Idea Comments as exposed to write new triggers and validation rules
  • Changed the order of admin setup to
    • Administer
    • Build
    • Deploy
    • Monitor

Make sure you signup for pre-release to get to know more

Here is latest release notes from salesforce

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13 Responses to Salesforce Summer ’13 pre-release available

  1. any word on if chatter communities will be included in the summer 13 release? i dont see any portal stuff enabled in the prerelease version

  2. Luke says:

    When do you think we can expect release notes for Summer ’13. I’m really excited to see some developer console changes, but I didn’t see what was wrong with the original setup menu!


    • Srini says:

      Release notes will be available next month (my guess)
      Developer console have some issues when you open up in chrome browser they solved it now

  3. Temple Hoff says:

    Any word if this release will include anything new for FLOW or has that feature set died on the vine?

  4. Luke K says:

    Release notes can be found here:

    Remember they get updated regularly.

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