Release Notes

Salesforce Summer’11 Release Notes

Salesforce Summer’11 pre-release preview

Highlights of the Summer’11 release notes:

  • Enchanced new UI for profile management, very cool feature and it really rocks
  • Custom fields limitation has been increased to 800 from 500, applicable only for Unlimited Edition
  • Number of sharing rules per object has been increased to 300 from 100
  • Monthly data export is now available instead of weekly export
  • Chatter Mobile App for Android—Beta
  • Salesforce CRM ContentWorkspaces Are Now Called Libraries
  • Custom Sidebar Components for the Service Cloud Console
  • Multiple Field Selection in Report Builder and preview loads asynchronously
  • Dynamic Dashboards can’t be stored in Personal Folders
  • Jigsaw — Generally Available, but you need to have jigsaw licenses 😦
  • New System.URL Class – Now we can generate full URLs rather than relative URLs
  • Visualforce now allows @RemoteAction methods in Apex controllers to be called via Javascript
  • Dynamic Visualforce Components—Pilot, every Visualforce component can be accessed from Apex
  • If a user grants login access to a support rep and the rep makes a setup change, the rep’s username is listed, this can be tracked via Setup Audit Trail (I really need this option)
  • Tasks can be synced between Salesforce and Outlook
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