Salesforce Extensions

Below are the browser based plugins for

iPhone/iPad Simulators

Blakcberry Simulator

Chrome Plugins:

    Collapse all page block sections

    Enhanced formula editor ID Converter from 15 to 18

    Manage your Salesforce Logins

    One click to collapse salesforce page block sections

    Developer force search plugin

Firefox Plugins:

    Workbench plugin

    Salesforce Theme

    Sidebar component for Salesforce Setup
    Note: Same feature is being available from Summer’11, can you hold on till Summer’11 release?


3 Responses to Salesforce Extensions

  1. lacertosus says:

    Hello there, the iPhone/iPad Simulators link no longer works and was wondering if you know of a good alternative. I need to demo SFDC Touch to my users but don’t own an iPad


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