First look at next generation data loader by Jitterbit

Jitterbit is a leader in the integration of on-premise as well as cloud. They built a next generation data loader and which works excellent and the UI is fantastic!!!

Here is the installer for pre-release data loader

Some helpful guides for this data loader

Finally here is the community which helps you for any issues

Here are some training videos

Try the new data loader and share your feedback

Here is a quick preview

Jitterbit Data Loader

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6 Responses to First look at next generation data loader by Jitterbit

  1. Srini says:

    Added the training videos !!!

  2. SPD says:

    This new interface looks much better than official Salesforce data loader.

  3. Jim Willis says:

    Guys. The final release for the NEW Dataloader for SFDC happened today. Yep. It is still FREE.
    To get it, just visit the AppXchange and you will be able to download the mac or win version. As they say at Chilli’s, enjoy! Jim Willis @ Jitterbit.

  4. Juan says:

    Does it still need the API? They said following versions are not gona require it as Skyvva or Informatica Data Loader. We have Professional with no API and would like to thy this solution wich looks better and easiest to use.

  5. etechzen says:

    Initially I like this tool. As I use it more and more it looks like it has lots of bugs. Hangs all the time.

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